Support transaction processing
Key strategy to increase sales
Receive 100% of transaction value immediately
Connect with many banks
Strategy to increase sales
Broaden your potential customer base
Reach growing group of more than 15 million credit card holders who have high expenditure demands.
Multiple Payment methods
  • Website/Mobile app.
  • At Stores.
  • On Delivery.
Close deals faster
For helping customers overcome the hesitate when they don’t have to spend much for one purchasing.
Suitable business type for apply 0% installment service
0% interest on credit card installments:
“Revenue Enhancement & High Income Customer Catch”
Credit card holders have the ability to schedule installments when purchasing items valued over 2 million VND. This feature is available with hundreds of participating merchants nationwide that are connected to Payoo’s credit card installment payment program. We are the bridge for connecting banks to merchants while offering installment payment services that help increase your bussiness.
Payment acceptance banks
Active Partners
Tech shops, appliances shops
Supermarket, furniture shops, houseware shops
E-bicycle / Motorcycle shops
Language centers, training centers
Hospitals, dental offices, clinics, beauty salons
Fitness centers
Cosmetic shops
Fashion shops, accessory shops
Ho Chi Minh City
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